Custom Pins and Keychains

Original key chains for promotional purposes. We manufacture cheap key chains for company propaganda in many different shapes and styles. You can customize any of our products with your logo, telephone or slogan.

We offer discounts during all the year so you can acquire great quantities with a little investment. This way, companies can purchase more units and reach more people with their promotional products.

In Bat Pins we help you design your own custom key chains through different techniques, with a fast and high quality service.

Custom key chains are a very popular gift among companies, because of their utility and their capacity to leave a mark, because who doesn’t use a key chain?

Metallic key chains, laser engraved, can be customized with the customer name. That transforms them into something even more personal, and will be more appreciated since everybody value more objects with their name on it.

They are just perfect as promotional articles for companies. Same as the corporative pens, custom key chains are one of the more popular products in the world of marketing because who doesn’t have one? They are indispensable items to keep our everyday objects, house keys, car keys…

But they are not only perfecto for companies, they can become indisputable protagonists of weddings and all kind of events in which you want to amaze guests and show them all your gratitude for sharing with you that special day.

It’s just enough to choose your favorite and customize it with your data or a representative picture of the event so it can serve as a reminder.

Usually we associate these elements with souvenir shops, where they are sold with pictures of the city, a flag or maybe a religious icon. And, they can be also seen in different protests and congregations of all kind.

Here we can difference 2 uses: the first option is looking to sell products and attract the customer to the shop, so he can buy more expensive articles. On the other hand, the second option is to foster the community feeling; this is a group of people that feel stick together thanks to a common concern.

May seem a small difference, but it can be a great occasion for a promotional gift. Let’s examine this in different points:

The sentimental value is implicit when the pin or badge is associated to a group with shared interests. Thanks to this, maybe the badge itself doesn’t have a big relevance but the brand or slogan included will be remembered.

Investment. Another pro is their price. We know that they are really cheap, create custom pins and badges require a really low investment.

Benefit/cost relation. Thanks to the previous point and a well developed marketing strategy, that brand, cause or slogan will remain in the minds of the target public.

If you put together every element, you will get the perfect situation for this promotional pins and badges. We are talking about brand assimilation, corporative image or slogan. That’s the reason why the badge as a physic item doesn’t have importance, but the implicit experience does. And that will lead to great publicity.

In the moment of manufacturing pins for town halls or public bodies, there is something more important that the chosen design. We mean the pin finish, and more precisely, we are talking about hard enamel.

Our experience on this field, have made us specialists in promotional products and that experience confirms us that the design of the product is very important, since it’s the image the customer wants to show of his company or brand and we will reproduce it to the finest detail. After the design, you have to choose the kind of enamel that you want. Soft enamel or hard enamel, and if your customer is a town hall, you must know this is the most important decision, even more than the design itself.

Heraldic pins collection of the town halls and councils of Spain.

If you are a businessman you know that advertising campaigns are everyday more varied and, the truth is that when we talk about promoting our business, it is worthy to use every tool we have at hand. Sometimes, traditional marketing tools are not completely effective and we end up with the feeling that we haven’t invested our money and time properly.

This is the reason why, in this article, we are going to focus on how to organize an effective and economic marketing campaign. We talk about corporative gifts for your company.

We mould, customize and develop tailor-made products for different genres of customers: Town Councils, Institutes, Universities and Research Centres, Scholars, Labradors, Conservationist Entities, Ornithological Associations and all kinds of entities and individuals.

The agglomeration of people in vernales appointments leaves in most of the occasions some desolating image of dirt and garbage. Very common in large events such as the San Fermines or the bonfires of San Juan, especially when they fill the beaches. The amount of rubbish and the challenge that this represents forces the authorities to manage not to fall into the prohibition, which can be a revulsive, and in unison to get the situation under control. That’s why many city councils have already taken action on the issue and more and more are signing up to the (necessary) fashion of reusable adapted glasses.

Don’t tell me any more You want to have a detail with your friend and you don’t know what to give him. Your boy is a doctor and he has everything. It’s hard enough to surprise him.

This website has been created to make a doctor who always and in all circumstances gives you good advice or a colleague who has bet on healing the sick.

They are pleasant gifts and specially designed for them.

It is possible that at first it may seem complicated to make a gift to a doctor, in truth, is a thing that is very often feared by family and friends. However, there are gifts for doctors uniquely designed for health professionals, those who look after the safety of others without asking for anything in return. The best gifts for doctors are those that combine their profession with a personal touch and with them you will always be right at all times. If you find it difficult enough to locate the perfect detail, surprise them with one of these original gifts.

2D pins have a durable, glossy metallic finish. They are in gold, silver, bronze, old finish or matt.

They have high polished reliefs and low reliefs with a more matt tone for contrast.

As a general rule they are manufactured for companies and events where seriousness and quality are sought.

By not adding  colour, these adapted pins are cheaper than pins with colours. In large quantities they are really economical, as are printed pins.

We would like to pay tribute to all those doctors, nurses, surgeons or health centre workers by dedicating this blog post to them and thanking them for the enormous work they do every day saving lives. In this post we will also give some ideas for those who wish to thank them for their work in some detail. So let’s get to it!

If your strong point is not the gifts and you want to have a detail with the doctors and nurses who have taken care of you or yours in the difficult moments, here we give you several ideas so that you can make them a very special detail.

On the other hand, if your brand is aimed at the field of health, such as orthopedics, pharmacies or different services to hospitals, and you want to give visibility to your company in hospitals or health centers, a good option is to entertain them with a personalized medical accessory that they can use in their work.

In our company we show you different options so that you can choose the one that best suits your tastes. Apart from giving them something useful you will have the opportunity to give presence to the logo or name of your company. In this way, your brand will be present and you will be able to obtain different benefits such as loyalty, positioning and visibility of your company.